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Comentarii 80   
Cerone 747
Cerone 747 Acum 9 Zile
You talking about a government-funded military 1 million man strong. Mechanized Infantry Divisions, Engineering units, Air and Sea Divisions. Logistics Etc, Don't get it twisted. You talkin about people that go to war Colleges. Can you spell don't get slaughtered. Slaughterhouse-Five something like that.
Cerone 747
Cerone 747 Acum 9 Zile
He is correct, I used to ask myself, would I want to be on the receiving end of a US military attack and the answer would be, hell2dano, use your common sense.
Radio Mamlakah International
I don't agree with that assesment a Blackman is a superpower
Tony Foster
Tony Foster Acum 22 Zile
TTT TTT Acum 2 luni
He looks 55
Jabbar Gaines
Jabbar Gaines Acum 2 luni
Point U Out!
Point U Out! Acum 3 luni
The devil in a 3 piece suit!
Emerge Matic
Emerge Matic Acum 4 luni
Now keep in mind my uncle Abdus Salaam was a drill Sgt in the military and parlayed that into becoming a Capt In the temple 12 F.O.I and his name was Milton X back then so it had to be close
Ej Miller
Ej Miller Acum 4 luni
Fuck the white system, PERIOD.
Albert Brown
Albert Brown Acum 4 luni
True The difference is weaponry and tatics.But as far as hand to hand ability in our Temple in the 60s 70s 80s my particular Temple had some the deadliest martial Arts streetfighters and boxers who were also ruthless street fighters anywhere.Todays Nation of Islam cannot compare to the old NOI.NO WAY!.And the best of the men remained with Imam W.D.Muhammad for sure.Farakhan has the new blood.May Allah guide them to The Quran and The Sunna of Prophet Muhammad SAWS.
I am Malcolm
I am Malcolm Acum 4 luni
We have to train our people up like the military without the false indoctrinations & the PTSD...with those experimental meds that’s given to soldiers.💪🏾
Marvin Hagler
Marvin Hagler Acum 4 luni
sirpoppinchuck Acum 5 luni
Dont realize it because there not properly educated. How come black men dont educate the communities like back in the day black pathers did? You Look 60 to me.
Mike Woods
Mike Woods Acum 5 luni
Marching 25 miles? That's a marathon, I feel so bad for the dude that broke his leg
William Edwards
William Edwards Acum 5 luni
So they really are afraid of Caucasians,Malcolm wanted war with these devils and Elijah Muhammad was afraid
Nomad without freedom
And Rightfully so. They are not ready for that.
iamnotpablo Acum 6 luni
"The FOI gave us time to withdraw from society and gather our thoughts.."
Rita Risser
Rita Risser Acum 9 luni
Mujahiadeen training vs f.o.I. and u.s. army training Why have they been over their for twenty yrs ???????? What tactics???
cnniz fakenewz
cnniz fakenewz Acum 10 luni
Smart dude..
Hype Somuch
Hype Somuch Acum 10 luni
This is 1 in 5...my top ROvid favorite pages..period..i come here first..period...keep shit like this coming..i need it..to help me..
mickey ward
mickey ward Acum 10 luni
Love it!!!
Jah Senor
Jah Senor Acum 11 luni
INCORRECT. I WAS IN THE U.S. ARMY and that was easier because you knew what to but we FOI are trained to expect the UNEXPECTED.
Nomad without freedom
Yea ok
Mr. No Name
Mr. No Name Acum 11 luni
Dont like the white man? Leave America
Lamech Yudah
Lamech Yudah Acum 11 luni
For everyone caught in their feelings, I dont think he's underestimating the black man, I think he's just making it clear the white man is not to be trifled with. Especially due to the nature of each of our dispositions. The white man _Does_ this for a living, even outside of the military they focus on war tactics. We a black people are _reactive_ rather than being _pro-active_ .
Lamech Yudah
Lamech Yudah Acum 11 luni
@IcebergWater N.Y.C. Exactly, me personally I dont have ANY doubts that we blacks can win a skirmish here, a battle over there, but overall we will lose, BIG. Aint no sense in getting caught up in emotions when its just facts, whites, as well as others for that matter, focus on warfare, we dont (as a people). Gangbangin aint gone cut it.
Tk So.Philly
Tk So.Philly Acum 11 luni
At Ft.Six,we did the30 mile march in 6 hours.But Jersey id's flat,but,it was hot.Being from over in Philly I was use to it.But!-NOT with75 lbs of equipment.Our young Brothers needs that Rights of Passage training that every society has for young men passing into manhood.
Michael Hatcher
Michael Hatcher Acum 11 luni
You're right Brother Adam
Self Determination
Self Determination Acum 11 luni
It critically important to understand the Messenger Hon. Elijah Muhammund FOI training, planned,preparred for multitask mission specfic as Soldier & Savoir. Liberate,Minds,Hearts order to re-educate for a new Human Paradigm as a model back to our Knowledge of original selves. Towards Islam. We are tasked double fold to define,defend, develope for Self-Determination as a Nation. "A people who can not defend itself are lost for ever." Husia. Which translate that all seven areas of Culture/Life are in motion In the Ummra(community) faith,family. That the goal. We are cable of many things,every position must be perfected. Be the best but always be Righteous,Peaceful,Professional, Courtesy,Respectful,Law Abiding prepared,alert,competent,capable. That's a FOI !
who301tent415 Acum 11 luni
Black people need to listen to this wise gentleman. Black people aren't physically, or psychologically ready to do anything. There is more to fighting than picking up a gun. Every white man isn't the enemy, and every black man isn't your friend. To me i look at the term white man as the system , and the people that support this wicked system. These people come in all colors.
Anthony M.
Anthony M. Acum 11 luni
2 Chronicles <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1217">20:17</a> King James Version (KJV) 17 Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you. King James Version (KJV) Deuteronomy <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1201">20:1</a> King James Version (KJV) 20 When thou goest out to battle against thine enemies, and seest horses, and chariots, and a people more than thou, be not afraid of them: for the Lord thy God is with thee, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. Psalm 9<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:7</a> King James Version (KJV) 7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. King James Version (KJV)
Anthony Hough
Anthony Hough Acum 4 luni
King James bible bs stop it.
gippygipmg Acum 11 luni
He is spot on the tactical aspect of military training. v/r A Vet
point blank
point blank Acum 11 luni
Great interview brotha!
Chris Green
Chris Green Acum 11 luni
Great information and video. That's the training we need in our communities.
Curtis A Morrison-El
All of the sciences come from us (Moors/Muurs/Al Moroccans/Moorish American Nationals).
Djomo Khanasante
Djomo Khanasante Acum 5 luni
Mr. No Name
Mr. No Name Acum 11 luni
Curtis A Morrison-El wrong Youre likely from african west coast Not Morrocan
Psy Operative
Psy Operative Acum 11 luni
White man has never won a war without some of us on their side.
TC tha Crisis
TC tha Crisis Acum 4 luni
Or guns
MultiKingvegeta Acum 5 luni
Very true
Psy Operative
Psy Operative Acum 11 luni
I guess they don't have Islamic/Moorish military books in the FOI library. Plenty of military books available now that the information age is here.
Fiji Water
Fiji Water Acum 11 luni
Miss Shannon
Miss Shannon Acum an
.....the brotha look every bit of sixty years old.
Nomad without freedom
No he doesnt.....I've seen mufukas in their Late 30's who look worse than him.
Maco Breed
Maco Breed Acum an
Morpheus in the face looking ass.
Reginald Thomas
and army without guns?
How can I join the FOI
Damion Scott
Damion Scott Acum an
mmmmmmm they cant be that tuff... the Asians beat their ass in south east asia... Vietnam and Korea...
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Wilson Acum an
sorry sir, but it does not take 30 hours to road march 25 miles
LiftWeigh Acum 10 luni
Thought the same thing.
malcolm x
malcolm x Acum an
Train your ass to Dallas Texas and handle business for that sistah. NOI/FOI... Fu*king clowns!!!
Des Meridian
Des Meridian Acum an
He’s ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! 13F Forward Observer here. FT. Sill OK.
trey moore
trey moore Acum an
who the hell is they, this is bullshit
Mike Lawry
Mike Lawry Acum an
Great insight
Wayne Gordon
Wayne Gordon Acum an
If you in fear of fighting for your RIGHTS or what's RIGHT You already dead. No matter who they are. Black People Don't Absorb These Fear Tactics. NO HUMAN OR ANIMAL IS SUPERIOR OVER YOU.
GT 4real
GT 4real Acum an
All of you are with a specific agenda no man or woman is safe , there is nothing special about any of you . All of you have a hustle and that is to capitalize on the ignorance. I've watch soo many games that it's just laughable. He says dont join this white man's military yet in the same breath he was serving the white man lol. FOI has nothing better for us ladies and gentlemen in fact they carrie no weapons and hold no reserve( banks) . No Montgomery GI bill .
GT 4real
GT 4real Acum an
Fruit of Islam... FOI
GT 4real
GT 4real Acum an
@lester larry facts
lester larry
lester larry Acum an
@Flossi74 Two different wings same bird
lester larry
lester larry Acum an
@Flossi74 according to you
Flossi74 Acum an
Naw she got it right and when I think of Bro Malcolm and Bro Khalid, I know she has it right
Corri Everen
Corri Everen Acum an
Please do not think that they can be conquered with brickbats, shotguns, a few arms and homemade bombs. It takes the forces of nature and the confusion of minds and thoughts which are controlled by the power of Allah. Be wise and submit to Allah, who has the power to defend you and destroy your enemies who are to powerful for you. THe Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
Julius Thompson
Great points, great video.
Nicholas Jordan
The Cruciable USMC. 58 mile hike in 2.5 days. All mental. And the hill we climbed was named Mt. MUTHA-F$?#^
Louis Cipher
Louis Cipher Acum an
There's no comparison to Muhammad training and training to be a mindless pawn. This brother sounds like he needs to be debriefed because he sounds like he almost honors that United States training.
Nomad without freedom
You sound ignorant. He's not honoring Anything, what he is doing is Acknowledging the capabilities of an Adversary who has Got The Art of War and Killing down to a Science. With Some Firepower that is similar to Shit you See in Science Fiction Movies. Now I'm sure you think these Mindless Hood Niggas Running around with Tec 9's and a Few Ak's stand a Chance But they don't. I served 5yrs in the Marine Corps and endorse everything this man is saying. Listen to Him
Derrick Bishop
The military don't have the mothership
wayne47able Acum lună
The Mothership ain’t real
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Acum 2 luni
Our ancestors knew of these so-called UFO’s they even had a song swing low sweet chariot coming forth to carry me home real talk 💯
Rita Risser
Rita Risser Acum 6 luni
@IcebergWater N.Y.C. many have scene and witness these crafts they have been here for millions of yrs. Nothing new. Negroes don't believe in themselves. Therefore there. Condition remains the same. But there exist many amongst the so called black race. That have had contact with the inhabitants of beings on these crafts. They are real. Black folk. Condition. Has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the resistance of u.fo.s.
Edward Stevens
Our greatest need is not "grunts/foot soldiers", our greatest needs are many more engineers (mechanical, electrical etc), technologists, computer engineers, software engineers, weapons engineers, scientists ( nuclear, strategic) and other technological specialists to handle the technological weapons and machinations already in place. What good is a karate black belt if your enemy can kill you without you even seeing him?
Nomad without freedom
I've been saying this for years.
Edward Stevens
We have to bring more to the table than rah-rah, bravado, and rehashed stories about how we conquered the enemy in Haiti with spears and swords, this is a different animal with a lot of technological tentacles. We have to have many many more qualified people in the right places.
Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen Acum 4 luni
Exactly listen to this brother
J Dominian
J Dominian Acum an
What really is the point of this video? Smh
Just Breathe
Just Breathe Acum 11 luni
@J Dominian well under the current conditions its the truth, we are destroying our selves and they dont even have too.
James Nevitt
James Nevitt Acum an
He think karate and pop guns is gonna do the trick! Maybe a little name calling white devils etc. He doent know that yacub created the Whiteman to bring a balance. Playing with steel. Clearance 13x aka father Allah was the first hand to hand combat instructor of the F.O.I. He learned that while he was in the us army.
J Dominian
J Dominian Acum an
@PSYNISTER MUSIC knowledge wisdom understanding dummy, he just told the viewers that the Whiteman will utterly thrash and annialate the blackman, so don't even think about try to do battle with him. So again what really was the point of the video? To tell us we can't win? Smh
Knowledge Wisdom & Understanding Dummy You Be One Of The Lost Ones or something in that fashion..
Kevin Brasher
It's some fishy about this guy,the last thing we need is black man promoting more fear,and u would think he understand the psychological impact that could have when the truth be told if it happens it really want be be an option.....
Nomad without freedom
Sometimes the Truth is scary and uncomfortable.
Groove Master
Misery and Agony. I marched both of those same hills. Ft. Knox Kentucky. There's ball buster too lol!!!!
Edward Stevens
Our greatest need is not "grunts/foot soldiers", our greatest needs are many more engineers (mechanical, electrical etc), technologists, computer engineers, software engineers, weapons engineers, scientists ( nuclear, strategic) and other technological specialists to handle the technological weapons and machinations already in place. What good is a karate black belt if your enemy can kill you without you even seeing him?
sirpoppinchuck Acum 5 luni
OFF- CODE Acum 5 luni
@Dewey Upshaw you sound dumb as fuck amd you're a coward just like the rest of these people who like your commemt ...vietnam vs usa ..afghanistan vs UsA Outnumbered an still kicked USA ass foh
Coach Robinson
Coach Robinson Acum 7 luni
Fitawrari Fitness
Fitawrari Fitness Acum 9 luni
Technology is the great equalizer.
Dewey Upshaw
Dewey Upshaw Acum 11 luni
Powerful words of WISDOM.
BubBub2014 Acum an
Great information my brother. Thank You!
Theron Powell
Ok what if 75% blacks go to the military then we have the weapons and training like they took it from U.S.1776 gave us diseases smallpox
Nomad without freedom
75% of blacks ain't going into the military. And it doesn't matter because we don't manufacture weapons.
frederick howard
I recall doing 12 miles monthly in Korea , minimum rest and no sleep😁 Thought someone had a death wish on my head.
Warren Harper Bey, LLM
Camp Stanley 1-3/8 Field Artillery Charlie Rock. I remember those road marches fam.
Prince Tiger
Prince Tiger Acum an
he dont look 60 for sure!!!!!! he look 80 years old !!!!!
khayree jannah
Great interview!
John Hampton
John Hampton Acum an
In nature there's no -100 F° closest it's -50F° wind chill
Rich Bumdrop
Rich Bumdrop Acum an
White man has all the arms,bloodbath
letcam Acum an
Sounds like the white man is his God!
98' Vintage Vault
@Kevin Brasher another AGENT. You have been BLOCKED.
Kevin Brasher
@98' Vintage Vault I'm in Texas coward what's up....
Kevin Brasher
@98' Vintage Vault u is a hoe
Kevin Brasher
@98' Vintage Vault bitch,I'm in Texas what's up
letcam Acum an
That same fear is the reason people become slaves!
William Thomas
Proves my point, the white man is God! White Daddy is always good, where ya at white Daddy, I'm your fuck bitch!
vond bee
vond bee Acum an
That's True. Coming from ah Vet. Builds ur confidence like ah muther 😀
Robert Hayden
Thank U ASA💯
Robert Hayden
Peace 2 the God! He is speaking 💯
Evil Tracy The International Showoff
God is on the side of truth and justice So don't tell us "Don't mess with that White Man" those that are in the military should always share what the enemy knows with us, why keep it to your self and tell us we would get wiped out. Wrong !
Djomo Khanasante
Djomo Khanasante Acum 5 luni
Tone 210
Tone 210 Acum an
It's funny how we as black people always talking about a race war with white people in America, we wouldn't stand a chance at all.
TC tha Crisis
TC tha Crisis Acum 4 luni
@Tone 210 You are a racist troll pretending to be black. With lies and obvious racist talking points. Tariq NEVER said Race War. The whole Africans sold Slaves gave you away too. All your comments are praising white people like God. You are white.
Djomo Khanasante
Djomo Khanasante Acum 5 luni
@morefreedomplease RESOURCES?
Tone 210
Tone 210 Acum an
@NEW WORLD We as black people today always talking about what the Egyptians did and everything else you mention, if we gotta go back that far that's not good.
@Tone 210 They speak in what languages to sell they own to whites people ? Black start learn french in the 18 centuries in the Caraïbes. In Africa they start in the 19 century when french colonized Africa. England colonize Africa in the 19 century. Before that 99.9 % of black don't speak no European languages. Can you explain us in what languages they sell and buy slaves ? Can you tell us how we Say "slave" in any spoke in west and central Africa ? This non sense, a myth, white narratives and lies. The majority of black folks don't sell they own. Portugese Come in the coast and kidnap blacks folks un the coast and isolate villages. They have many facts African tribes killed portugese when they Come Africa and try to take slaves. Explain us why ? And explain us why european built fortifications in the 18 century and other in the coast if Africa if blacks sell they own ? Explain us why why black tribes killed those slaves catcher ? This IS a absolut nonsense. Whites Say black sell they own but no facts and proof. Only stupid talks of uneducated and ignorant trash whites dumbs...
Tone 210
Tone 210 Acum an
@NEW WORLD Whats that have to do with today, that's like me telling you the Chicago Bulls use to dominate baskestball.
Alderman Fred C. Davis
I have heard about this eating "one meal a day" thing. I don't know. Elijah Muhammad died at 77. His 3 children with his wife, Clara died in their 70's. If I'm not mistaken, Captain Joseph died in his 60's. So what? I am NOT a proponent of living to 88, 93, 104 all that where you have no independence and no real quality of life, however, living to 75 is not that big of a deal. Most of my uncles on my father's side, lived well into their 80's and 90's and were relatively healthy.....................and they ate red meat, sodium, sugar, and were social drinkers of hard liquor. Granted, they all worked physically demanding jobs. So what? If you have the genetics and you're not a slob, abusing food and alcohol, you 'should' live to 70 or 75 just on G.P. We're here for a relatively short time as it is, why deny myself, with one meal a day, or once every other day, no sweets, etc. and still only live to 70 or 75. Again, I have no desire to live to be 88, 94, 112, however, for those that do, this "one meal a day" thing does not seem to help or make a strong argument for that cause.
Alderman Fred C. Davis
@RemoteAdminJayJay2 Nope. I haven't tried it (yet). I actually eat very little and always have, though I do have a sweet tooth. I'm already relatively slim I just wonder if I wouldn't be starving myself, If I only ate once per day.
You ever tried it Alderman?
Alderman Fred C. Davis
@James Miller I'm not as knowledgeable as you about nutrition however, yes, I know that for the past 40 years or so, food in the U.S. is largely processed/chemicals high fructose corn syrup, too much sodium, etc. There is no doubt that we are being intentionally or unintentionally poisoned, mainly due to the neverending corporate desire to cut costs. I am not a big guy, however, I could stand to drop 20lbs. My main concern with eating 1 meal a day (aside from a lifetime of eating 3 times per day), is that I would get too thin, as the men in my family were thin to average build. The little bit of size I have, was from lifting weights in my teens and 20's. You do have me interested in exploring the possibility of trying (to eat once per day), for a period of time, to see how I look and feel.
James Miller
James Miller Acum an
Alderman Fred C. Davis Your point(s) have some validity depending on Your experience, and nutritional understanding. At one time, food was not as poison laden as it is today. Plus, people did not eat just to be eating. Eating one meal a day, and fasting is the apex of self-discipline. My grandfather lived to be a hundred, and he drank, smoked cigars, and a pipe; on the other hand, my aunts, and mother died from diabetes, cancer, and other modern ailments. They were in their 70s and 80s. I am a strict vegan; I have been one for over 50 years, and I am 77 years old. I have never been seriously sick, I do not take any medication, I fast three days a week, and I have complete control of all of my faculties. I must add that I exercise, and jog four times a week. My point(s) is that you are correct in saying aspects of this food issue is partly genetics, but it is primarily based on psychological, emotional, and characteristic development. Most people know today, more than yesterday that food, or the lack of good food, and drink can make your life miserable. As the so-called father of medicine stated, " Let food be thy medicine."
catonic Acum an
Yeah I agree....for a cool 75-85 and I'm done...
Gravity Acum an
*fake muslim* next
Djomo Khanasante
Djomo Khanasante Acum 5 luni
V Font
V Font Acum 5 luni
@Djomo Khanasante Dear Friend I love you and God loves you Shalom!
Djomo Khanasante
Djomo Khanasante Acum 5 luni
Gravity Acum an
ROvid : Pastor Jennings vs 4 Muslims of NOI pt4
Paul Blount
Paul Blount Acum an
Dude on any and every Muslim video 😂😂😂
hassan booker
Awesome interview ! I learned a few things
40teeve Acum an
Great Info keep dropping jewels thx you.👍🏽👍👍🏾
Will Webb
Will Webb Acum an
Never underestimate the black man! Napoleons army was the u.s army of its day. Them Haitians tho!
Nomad without freedom
Napoleon didn't have Drones, Rockets and Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.
Point U Out!
Point U Out! Acum 3 luni
Will Webb Get your white boys correct!
Point U Out!
Point U Out! Acum 3 luni
Will Webb Wrong it George Washington’s army boy!
Russell Thompson
Russell Thompson Acum 4 luni
Tomorrison28 Acum 8 luni
@Flossi74 Facts. The Sunnis in Iraq put such a hurting on the U.S. Army, they had to pay them to stop attacking. That's the real reason the surge worked. Don't forget the Somalis defeated U.S. special forces as well.
Grill Acum an
Haiti, Vietnam, Korea,Some, Afghanistan, Gullah warriors and Shaka Zulu. This dude is supporting white supremacy. Khalil Muhammad wouldn't dare speak this blasphemy.
Master CipherSupreme
That science of taking you to your breaking point is from the Willie Lynch Letter plus, the White man knows us better than we know ourselves today. That's why he pushes us so hard on his jobs in factories etc because they got slave record books they pass down from generation to generation. That's why they always ask "who are your parents?" And we see them thinking, thinking like they're trying to remember their faces but it's all of those slave reports they've read to know if we're a good worker and pleaser of White's because our great, great, great grandfather's were. This is real. I from SC and on the job I bring this up. If you got Knowledge of Self you can look into their reverse psychology and use it for yourself against them to see yourself back to yourself.
W Mi
W Mi Acum an
Don't try this at home people.No mustache is irritating
Master CipherSupreme
This brother is 60 and look 35. Fard Muhammad is THE MAN!!!!!!
Key'Shelle Desire
Key'Shelle Desire Acum 5 luni
@Miss Shannon Girl stop. This man look good and he dont look 60. More in his 50's. But he's definitely not rusty!!🤭🤭
Miss Shannon
Miss Shannon Acum an
Youre as delusional as he is. He's rusty as hell.
cubedmack Acum an
Malcolm X said," United States went into Vietnam and Korea with their planes and weapons but got their ass's handed to them on the ground by some rice eaters with gym shoes and riffles." From the "The ballot or the bullet", speech.
Forest Isk
Forest Isk Acum 11 luni
vietnamese they were well trained and they had everything on the ground
hRdLNE _CEO Acum 11 luni
lamarrion Acum 11 luni
Israelite Reincarnated they got dealt with in Iraq too.
Tariq Shabazz
cubedmack . True but that was in 1965 . 50+ plus years ago.
cubedmack Acum an
"The ballot or the bulletproof", speech.
Vizionare 80 K