The 2 Johnnies - Shift 

The 2 Johnnies
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The worst advice from 2 dodgy lads
Download it here : !itunes.apple.com/ie/album/shift/1347401914?i=1347402529
instagram: the2johnnies
Snapchat: johnnybtippman & johnysmacks
Enjoy !

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12 feb. 2018

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Comentarii 243   
Jack and mom
Jack and mom Acum 3 Zile
John Horan
John Horan Acum 2 luni
Didn’t one of these tears beat his girlfriend?
Taylor Crossam
Taylor Crossam Acum 3 luni
Put speed up to 1.5
Karen Cully
Karen Cully Acum 3 luni
Hon kinnegad😂💕
Shaun Mccann
Shaun Mccann Acum 4 luni
I’m from kinnegad
my farmer life Adam
The song worked so well
paul fitz123
paul fitz123 Acum 6 luni
I live in nenagh boys
Neasa Doorley
Neasa Doorley Acum 6 luni
Apply for eurovision 2020
I love spoons
I love spoons Acum 6 luni
proty Acum 6 luni
still a tune
Eileen Fitzsimons
Eileen Fitzsimons Acum 6 luni
Keep that up DJ Johnny B.
Seán O'Brien
Seán O'Brien Acum 7 luni
It’s so catchy 😂😂
William Connolly
William Connolly Acum 7 luni
This song sounds gay
Rachel Leary
Rachel Leary Acum lună
William Connolly ツ like you so
UR MUM-123 MUM UR Acum 8 luni
Who else got sent by a guy in your school to go check out this song
Kayleigh Fletcher
Kayleigh Fletcher Acum 9 luni
This is actually a tune
hoodie girl
hoodie girl Acum 9 luni
boissss at their first disco .I'm not lying. 😂🤣😅
hoodie girl
hoodie girl Acum 8 luni
Caitlin Acum 8 luni
hoodie girl there not wise😂
hoodie girl
hoodie girl Acum 8 luni
tell me about it so was I 😂
Caitlin Acum 8 luni
hoodie girl a load of lads were at their first disco the other night and I was at it. God it was cringey stuff
Leon Moore
Leon Moore Acum 10 luni
Use aren’t funny
Tj Fitzgerald
Tj Fitzgerald Acum 9 luni
@Constipated Pingu hahaha
Constipated Pingu
Constipated Pingu Acum 10 luni
Yes they are ya gobshite
S04R Mystic Fn
S04R Mystic Fn Acum 10 luni
Im from tipp
De Elite Agent master
We do a School tournament for hurling and football and on the bus we always sing the two Johnnies songs we all love them
the original Mc
Oh to be back in the 90s "" ehh will ye shift me friend "" I asked before I got a reply ehhh no but I'll shift u haha
JK Cliffy
JK Cliffy Acum an
I was singing this in class today and I got in trouble 😁
Rachel Leary
Rachel Leary Acum lună
For a like party we had in school they played this
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Acum 7 luni
Mad lad
Jason Curley
Jason Curley Acum an
mup o dorney
mup o dorney Acum an
The bikes and gokarts😂😂😂
Kaci Coolio
Kaci Coolio Acum an
Martina Byrne
Ah sure they bit alright
The accuracy destroys me 😂 Also maybe a full can of Lynx plz and tnx all girls love it just so ya know
yerashtop Acum an
Rubberbandits rip off
Tom Gaughan
Tom Gaughan Acum an
What's the original song
Conor Mc Callion
Every frigids favourite song
Zach Dornan
Zach Dornan Acum an
Who in kinnegad I live there
Xustyy Acum an
Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith Acum an
hon tip
19 years I played senior and I never had a shift! 😂
Alex Freeman
Alex Freeman Acum an
Supercars uk
Supercars uk Acum an
Can’t believe I’ve met these guys at the croker😂
Bianca Bregoli
Will you shift me mate x
Hurlingmadgirl 123456
This song is quar good
jack Mc Cadden
Epic tune
Kate Keane
Kate Keane Acum an
Lyrics 💕💕 2 jonnies 1 track Shifting is back Now fellas listen to me if you get my drill, if your looking for love or how to get the shift, if you see the right girl you know what I mean she’s got more curves then the road to Nenagh 1. Got to look your best 2. Have some confidence 3. Beware of tinder they never look the same as the profile picture 4. Have your round of drinks 5. Half a can of lynx Fellas “ya ladies “ya” hey hey hey Everybody in the room this is what you got to do. Just like when your back at school tell her she’s your gorgeous girl. And just shift, shift, shift I was looking for love in all the wrong places I met a girl at the galway races. I gave her the eye the champagne was bubbling. Told her I was rich and I played football for Dublin 1. Got to look your best 2. Have some confidence 3.send in your wingman and go have a creep on her instagram 4. Have a round of drinks 5. Half a can of lynx Fellas “”ya ladies “ya hey hey hey hey everybody in the room this is what you got to do just like u are back in school. Tell her she’s ur gorgeous girl. And just shift, shift, shift Well girl. How you getting on? I’m not asking for much I just want to know if u can milk cows , drink tea, be a big fan of the GAA. Wash me socks and boxers. And love the saw doctors One more time Bake scones, cook spuds just the way me mammy does. I’ll get you piles of ireland, cook fries on a Sunday morning. And just shift, shift, shift (go ahead) shift just like your at a teenage disco shift. This took ages please like 💕💕🇮🇪🇮🇪
Cathal Shiel
Cathal Shiel Acum an
Alan Brennan
Alan Brennan Acum an
You should make a song about getting the ride hai and that you needa a tractor to impress the country women hai
Raccoonatic Acum an
severely cringy
Yung Conor
Yung Conor Acum an
tadgh wallace1738
Its good
James Mac
James Mac Acum an
Are you mc dacent
in Wayne
in Wayne Acum 5 luni
James Mac pussy
Shane Mcdonagh10
What about the chair tho😉🤔🤨
Emma Kirwan
Emma Kirwan Acum an
I live in tipperary
Emma Kirwan
Emma Kirwan Acum an
Do u know wally kirwan he is my daddy and we live in ireland, tipperary
Brandon Kennedy
Best song ever 👍👍
Ellen Hall
Ellen Hall Acum an
U need to go left and 90 when shifting
I didn’t work
Dempseyyy Acum an
Mia_123 Idk
Mia_123 Idk Acum an
The man in the red top with black hair he is a referee when I played a match he was our ref
LongMong Acum an
His hairline is on the ropes
Shane Fagan
Shane Fagan Acum an
Met these lads at the weekend, they're as sound and funny in person as they seem on ROvid 😂
420, what u is smokin?
The first vid ive seen of these lads was this so its called "Shift" im here like yup these lads are irish...MY KINDA STYLEEE
Ciara Smith
Ciara Smith Acum an
IncredibleGiddyGamer369 SARAH
thomas mcdonagh
2 old johnny boys 😂😂😂
joshua Carton
this got me all the girl and i got the shift
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