RXF :Sandu Lungu VS Martin Chudej 

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Sandu Lungu (Romania) vs Martin Chudej - RXF 27 Piatra Neamt
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18 feb. 2018

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Comentarii 158   
Davidson Carlos
Davidson Carlos Acum lună
Perdeu de bobeira porque estava na vantagem da distância.
Der Walache
Der Walache Acum lună
România 🇷🇴 Allahu acbar ☝️
Dave Allen
Dave Allen Acum 5 luni
I dunno I'm a fan of sandu.
Shamon Lee
Shamon Lee Acum 5 luni
He was payed to lose but he said fuck this shit. This mf stank and his big ass is taking too long.
Brad Paul
Brad Paul Acum 6 luni
You laugh about Lungu, but I don't want to see him thin! He is medalist in the World Championships of Judo, European champion and owns a 17-5 record in MMA at the age of almost 45.
Matti Suutarinen
Matti Suutarinen Acum 8 luni
Zohr Shahbaz
Zohr Shahbaz Acum 9 luni
This guy sandu moves like a truck driver
Дмитрий Давыдов
Могучий ,могучий Лунгу
Lee Grant
Lee Grant Acum 10 luni
Fat guy squishes other guy.. lol mma???? 😳💩😳
Jerry Bear
Jerry Bear Acum 11 luni
grappling sandu would be like having a small car fall off the jack stands and your trying to fight your way out from underneath with all the weight on your face/chest.
Jenda Svoboda
Jenda Svoboda Acum 11 luni
Špekoun zasranej, Martin ho měl dobře zpracovaného...
florin171 Acum 11 luni
win by breast suffocation
Dreadheaddre Vape box
His cardio is crazy for his size an age
Adrian Dumitrașcu
Fadi Abdo
Fadi Abdo Acum an
Never try to fight sandu on the ground will smash you and even when ur punching him it takes him 1 right hand to knock u down . Unstoppable .
Mustafa. R
Mustafa. R Acum an
He looked bad real bad for a big man. He just laid on top of him. Is that a real technique?????
David Holt
David Holt Acum 6 luni
When you're that big..yeah.
albert bakuła
pepiki to frajery
michhaal1 Acum an
tłuszczem go udusił haha co to za technika
Nechita Marius
Lo sufocat:))
johnson dave
johnson dave Acum an
Can anyone please tell me what country Sandu Lungu fight out of?
neguritab Acum 4 luni
hayesman76 Acum an
The ref should’ve paused the match to check the cut on Lungu’s scalp and let his assistants clean him up a bit. Not fair to have to fight with so much blood in your eyes.
hayesman76 Acum an
I’m a fan of Lungu. As the commentator correctly said, despite his size he’s in good condition. Ironically, whereas most big men have a weakness on the ground, Lungu is very skilled on the ground. If he developed his stand-up boxing skills he could be a champion, in my opinion. He also always displays good sportsmanship.
Milmoi Șimie
Milmoi Șimie Acum 3 luni
Ti a rămas putina engleza sub unghi
Brad Paul
Brad Paul Acum 6 luni
He is medalist in the World Championships of Judo, European champion and owns a 17-5 record in MMA at the age of almost 45.
Patryk Koniecko
Dziwka gruba jebana
Pablo Guevara
OMG, what a pathetic fight...smashed by a whale. Both fighters are sooooo bad. Good thing was that it made me laugh more than the best comedy movies!!!!
HRT 666
HRT 666 Acum an
Jake and the fat man😎😎😎
Madarafcl Radu
hai coaie ca a rezistat si cehul ala cat a putut.
Emil Bacrau
Emil Bacrau Acum an
respect Sandu sa imi suga pula astia care te fa in toate felurile
hiberNative Acum an
Checking this video without any context, and 10 seconds in, i would fake a jab into a takedown of Lungu. He looks super heavy footed. Excited to see if Chudej does the same!
Jerry Bear
Jerry Bear Acum 11 luni
@hiberNative it would be like having a small car on your chest. would be a struggle to breath and concentrate with that weight on your chest and face.
hiberNative Acum an
Ok, some turn of events! But look at that space between his thigh and Chudej's stomach at 4:44. I wish Chudej would have exploded and put his knee through there for leverage to get out.
Aladin Aladin
Sandu Grasu un sportiv slab,ne antrenat,Un măscărici.
Bo Diddly
Bo Diddly Acum an
He literally tapped from just being crushed by the shear weight. Should have stayed with his game plan of chopping away at his lead leg with kicks
Benjamin Ruiz
Benjamin Ruiz Acum 3 luni
....try to kick him irl like when I asked it I could... came out with a badly bruised shin.... you really need to punch hard to beat the guy
SocialBeat Acum 11 luni
He cant stay in this gameplan cause bear is attacking him for beat. He cant run in little area
Mass Ryb
Mass Ryb Acum an
Alexandru Lungu 187 cm/150 kg wow
RoIulian Ro
RoIulian Ro Acum an
RoIulian Ro
RoIulian Ro Acum an
a castigat sandu
Diệp Lâm
Diệp Lâm Acum an
Tk mập phản dame
Andrea Perego
Praticamente ha vinto per la tecnica di soffocamento da lardo
Daniel xxx
Daniel xxx Acum 14 Zile
Non è la boxe, quindi penso fosse a conoscenza delle tecniche del avversario data la sua massa, ognuno lotta a suo modo come meglio sa fare.
Damian Tala
Damian Tala Acum an
Asta e meci vorbit in plm
Damian Tala
Damian Tala Acum an
Asta e meci vorbit in plm
tfff hgfff
tfff hgfff Acum an
Dacus hoo spaima puli ma pis pe tine de frica
tfff hgfff
tfff hgfff Acum an
Dacus malus ba fututi morti și răniți matii pe cine bati tu pula mea școlară în gura matii îți prind mână ți-o întorc la spate si ți-o rup
jacklindhaka Acum an
He was suffocated by man boobs
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