Melchisedeck builds on Joining the FOI (Fruit of Islam) 

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Melchisdeck builds on joining the Fruit of Islam (FOI) and meeting Allah in the Nation of Islam under Malcolm X. He explains how Allah had an "magnetic attracting Power".
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Comentarii 33   
Banga Stone
Banga Stone Acum 5 Zile
I wanna learn directly from this Elder !!!
MrPep718 Acum 13 Zile
Axel Serrano
Axel Serrano Acum lună
“Magnetic Attracting Power” spells out “MAP” 🤔 was Allah the born 🗺? Just a thought 💭 I don’t have the knowledge, but very interested and respect the truth. Peace to gods and earths. 🖖🏽
Basil Shahiyd
Basil Shahiyd Acum lună
seanmark Acum lună
Nah he had another video they took it down
Made Honey
Made Honey Acum 3 luni
Can you repost the clip of him explaining actions character and intentions please 🤞🏽✊🏾
Cleez Smith
Cleez Smith Acum 8 luni
Prophet Muhammud of mecca is prophet of islam sunni..
Goldy Samson
Goldy Samson Acum 9 luni
Military training for what? The lessons were pure garbage compared to the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah of the most holiest Prophet and messenger (Rasulallah Sallahu alaihi wassalaam), the true Islam exposes the whole nation and its founders. AlHajj Malik Al Shabazz bared witness that there is no God nor anything besides Allah to be obeyed or worshipped besides Allah. The nation is based upon falsehood and misguidance. From Allah we came and back to Him we all shall return, believers and disbelievers alike.
Albert Brown
Albert Brown Acum 10 luni
None of this is necessary for human growth and development. The Quran and The way of Prophet Muhammad SAWS. No mysticism, no Diety worthy of worship except Allah.No man as any type of god.Weak men love mysteries
desertezz Acum an
Malcolm was the greatest, Malcolm and Muhammad Ali died as Sunni Muslims. Elijah's teaching were to clean up and discipline the black man so they could see the truth. He said his son WD Muhammad would teach real Islam. The NOI mythology served its purpose but is not true, as witnessed by Malcolm's and Muhammad Ali's turn to Sunni Islam. Black people must discipline themselves and follow the truth universal teachings of Islam.
Damen Cain
Damen Cain Acum 11 luni
@Ronn the big chief ron He did not say that. Wallace said that and those with him. This is a Fact.
Ronn the big chief ron
Damen Cain yes you’re right he didn’t mention wd Muhammad in particular but he did say his job was to clean the black man up & truth would come later
Damen Cain
Damen Cain Acum 11 luni
desertezz the Messenger never stated that Wallace would teach true Islam. It was Wallace and those under him who taught that hadith.
L.A - MADE! Acum an
Muslim's that were close to Dr Khallid Abdul Muhammad NEVER miss ah Beat!!!!!! 😎
The Ruler7_
The Ruler7_ Acum an
any idea what the name of this soundtrack is?
Livi Kulcha
Livi Kulcha Acum an
Please interview Melchizedek Lewis.
Money Stewart
Was this guy around when Jim Jones visited the NOI , and if so how did he feel about it.
Hip Hop Library
Hip Hop Library Acum 7 luni
Money Stewart I want to know too!
Albert Brown
Albert Brown Acum an
No body new the lessons and the esoteric language better than Wallace D Muhammad and that is a fact.He was raised as a young boy in special classes.So if he new so much why didnt he speak honestly that Imam W.D Muhammad was the top student ever.
Geranamo Free
I am not Muslim but these are so of the truest words.
Kemery Wright
It's good to see some one from old skool NOI give Malcolm at least half the props he deserves
Steve Jhonson
Steve Jhonson Acum 14 Zile
Farraconn is the problem
K W Acum an
Yes it is!!
Kuda Kwashe
Kuda Kwashe Acum an
All religions are the same way.......i am presently working out my likeness to The Most High, its a lot to comprehend but its coming together
Sylvanius Ross
this brother is powerful in his supremeness
Rafael Stinson
Peace to Brother Mel. We love you God...
Qwizman Bradley
Melchesideck is the Name of my Grand Father on this earth for 37 year I never saw that name other than my Grandpops he was from Kingston Jamaica 🇯🇲 I’m crying right now he was so Righteous amazing 🇬🇾👌🏿💪🏿🙏🏿
Kahlil Smith
Kahlil Smith Acum an
Peace to the God Melchisedeck!
Pharoah Monk
Pharoah Monk Acum an
Melchisedeck you are nothing but a FILTHY THIEF. We banned both you and Clarence 13X from NOI because you stole Lessons from NOI and reproduced those sacred Lessons to the world for personal profit. Before FOI, you were nothing but a two-bit heroin dealer, until we cleaned you up and discipled you into the knowledge of Islam. You ultimately became fueled by selfishness and avarice, carved out your own hustle and stole the intellectual property of NOI, violating a sacred vow you once made to Allah. Dishonor and ridicule shall follow you the rest of your life. You are a traitor.
King Sports
King Sports Acum an
Pharoah Monk damn
Allah's School in Mecca
Did the Nation of Islam teach you to be so publicly critical of another black man? Tell em why you are mad!!!
Pharoah Monk
Pharoah Monk Acum an
@Allah's School in Mecca Young man, did you count the number of fingers on each hand after your interview with Melchisedeck? If any of your fingers missing, go look for them at his bookstore.
Allah's School in Mecca
Whoa.. Your history is a bit twisted, and not rooted in facts. In addition, you have shown such a vile display of personality here. Tell em why you mad. Sir!
Swayizm Acum an
Peace. Powerful words.... outstanding.
Joshua Warren
He is dropping pure Science Oeace God!
7Black ent
7Black ent Acum an
Peace Inf. Yo Inf!!! You been on your justice cipher born with this, still great mind!!! You expanding you coverage!!! And not to no watered down, blah, blah... Peace Inf!!! I love your work great mind. Peace.
Absolute Allah
Whoa! Love how he broke that down! Especially when he said "The 10% think they have what we do"!
God True
God True Acum an
Peace. Great Build and Interview!!
Black Body Radiation
Peace to Medina and Melchizedek Supreme Shabazz Allah!
Ssmellgoodss Acum an
Peace G. U bridging a lot of gaps...thru your Wisdom of this Culture we appreciate this Equality you giving. Peace.
One Circle
One Circle Acum an
Peace Inf! Appreciation and thanks for this build.
Simple Learning Temple
Peace Interview... Peace to the God Melchisedeck Shabazz Allah+... Nice Inf Mega Peace!!!! TFBKTJ
Romelo Sparks
What’s DC area called
Bobby Rick
Bobby Rick Acum an
What's today's mathematics
INF MEGA Acum an
Romelo Sparks Divine Cee
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