F.O.I Commercial 

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TimeLapse Photography: Bruce Brown
Featured Music: "Gravity" by Steven Price
For more information about the Nation Of Islam please visit www.noi.org

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Willie Frank Collection
The nation is apart of black people life's rather we Except it or not.
Kevin Muhammad
Kevin Muhammad Acum 11 Zile
Allah U Akbar (3x)
Forever Maryland
Forever Maryland Acum 19 Zile
Donald Harrison
Donald Harrison Acum lună
I am a christian But I have a lot of respect for the nation Of Islam and the FOI
voitdive Acum lună
I thought the FOI was their gay division
Sean M
Sean M Acum lună
I hope you die of cancer.
Long Standing Emperor
Is it the same FOI that kills its own black brothers whenever they express different views or take a different path? Is it not the same FOI that killed Malcolm X and Khaled Muhammad? Isn’t it the same FOI that beat NoI members to prevent them from leaving after Malcolm X exposed Elijah Muhammad for sleeping with underage girls and impregnating then?
The Most Honorable Malik The 1st Rashon Muhammad
It's time to show what Islamic Militancy is.
Darryl Muhammad
Darryl Muhammad Acum 2 luni
Every time I see this video, it brings tears to my eyes. Only Allah, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad and His Living Christ, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Their Divine Servant among us The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, can remake the Black Man into what his was originally intended to be. Come Black Man, Let's Accept Our Own and Be Ourselves! LET US MAKE MAN!!
Jonathan Washington
Fredrica S. Cosby
Fredrica S. Cosby Acum 3 luni
Thank you so much for saying this out loud. Blessings!
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Acum 3 luni
I Joined The FOI At 15. Would'nt Have It No Other Way!!!!
Sean M
Sean M Acum lună
What are the process of joining the FOI?
tinjarir Acum 4 luni
Sincere question: why don't you all move to Africa? Africa is for Africans. The US is a White man's country, innit? So why not repatriation to sub-Saharan Africa and live among Black people?
tinjarir Acum lună
@Cpt Boss I appreciate your viewpoint and would like to know more. How many thousands of years before and why were Black people in what is today the US? How did they get there?
Cpt Boss
Cpt Boss Acum lună
America's not a white man's country. It's stolen land and black people were already here, thousands of years before. do your history
Brutha Dnubian
Brutha Dnubian Acum 4 luni
APIDTA ✊🏿✊🏿☻☻🦁🦁
Brother Man
Brother Man Acum 4 luni
rednupe44 Acum 4 luni
The Black Man is God
Brutha Dnubian
Brutha Dnubian Acum 4 luni
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez Acum 4 luni
BrotherEarlTV Acum 4 luni
Allah Akbar!
Alex Alternativlos
Alex Alternativlos Acum 4 luni
that is racist
Black to Detroit
Black to Detroit Acum 5 luni
Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy Acum 7 luni
e-boogie Acum 7 luni
Brought tears to my eyes.. All praises are due to Allah....
king stoner925
king stoner925 Acum 10 luni
Im a big fan of the FOI
Anthony Darrow
Anthony Darrow Acum 11 luni
Powerful. Compelling. Awe inspiring.
HashimTheDream Acum 11 luni
jaque kinsey
jaque kinsey Acum 11 luni
Looks good
Curtis Isaac
Curtis Isaac Acum 11 luni
The F.O.I understand Mr. Elijah Muhammad made men..... these days? Not so much
D_kane Moor
D_kane Moor Acum 11 luni
It's abt that time " 4 me
Arlene Muhammad
Asa. Awesome commercial. I love it. All praise is due to Allah.
Gerome Egans
Gerome Egans Acum an
KingIzKash Acum an
This is so HARDBODY!!!
Hecava Mecca
Hecava Mecca Acum an
This is the best commercial I have ever seen! It always makes me emotional! It is so beautiful!
Azahr Malik
Azahr Malik Acum an
yeahhh boyyyyy
Demetrius X
Demetrius X Acum an
I listen to this everyday!!!!!💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Majid Shaheed
That's me and my brothers in the black and white clip of the drill team from Muhammad's Mosque #25 at 257 So Orange ave Newark New Jersey.
ABaro Short
ABaro Short Acum an
Woah what a beautiful beanie
Lamonte Wood
Lamonte Wood Acum an
Thank you honorable Louis Farakhan. Allah is the greatest ! The Black communities needs this.
Zanda Williams
Do you have to give up sex,wear suita and bow ties,and have your hair cut in the Nation of Islam?
Zanda Williams
Which religion is the right religion? The 5 percenters, The Nation of Islam, or Sunni Islam?
Jasmine Nyawela
Big LOVE, ❤️! Thank you!
Brotha Awakener
Tight! I never joined, but I have been associated with and have supported The NOI since I was a boy! Standing with The Honorable Louis Farrakhan helped me avoid three of my generation's biggest traps: crack cocaine, the prison industrial complex and the beginning of the all disrespect of Black women by Black men! I believe that The NOI is the last line of defense against a total collapse of Black society! The life giving teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a gift that keeps on giving!
EyesWideOpen 55
As a Turkish Muslim woman living in Australia, it makes me extremely proud to see this video and the amazing work of my brothers and sisters in America ❤️
Ramzy Bakbud
Ramzy Bakbud Acum an
I wonder. Have all these guys in the FOI read how Mohammed enslaved black people at that time? LOL
King F
King F Acum an
Hadassah Sumampouw - Barr Angry Manadonese Jewess these men are not slaves
Ramzy Bakbud
Ramzy Bakbud Acum an
@Trang Wuong See, me too. I'm into black lives matter, but then, i also find that this NOI or FOI propaganda has nothing to do with supporting black lives matter but instead, just a hyprocrisy in disguise since they are spreading Islamic propaganda (even to the non Moslem Black in any penitentiary). While they know well, Mohammed enslaved Black especially Ethiopian (Mohammed even desribed Ethiopian as 'raisin-head' to everyone in Koran).
Trang Wuong
Trang Wuong Acum an
I'm all for black empowerment, probably to a very radical degree, but, this makes me question the type of black man this organization attracts.
Ramzy Bakbud
Ramzy Bakbud Acum an
@Trang Wuong perhaps, or they just pretend it doesnt exist~ the truth is, black slaves enslaved by MohamMAD can be verified if they read Hadith and Koran.
Trang Wuong
Trang Wuong Acum an
Nope, and probably don't plan on it. Dr. Clark mentioned something about it. Mohammed Ali absolutely hated Africans.
Marquis Edwards
these MUTHA fuckas killed Malcolm x
Sean M
Sean M Acum lună
No it was the FBI-agents who were infiltrating in the Nation
Micheal Neal Jr
nice commercial
Khalid Hamza
Khalid Hamza Acum an
Alhamdulilah!! May Allah Bless The FOI For Many Generations 2 Come.. Insha Allah
Shah-Allah Shabazz
Very nice
Sterling Rock
Powerful.. This is the most effective program for the rehabilitation of the black youth.
Tyler Dutton
Tyler Dutton Acum an
Racists! Its like the black kkk
Mustafa Yusuf Ali
I can't join the F.O.I I'M to old, but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is one of my heroes. ☉tribe
Trafalgar Law
You can't be too old to join brother we want young and old to join the nation of islam don't worry once you start eating the way the honorable elijah Muhammad prescribed in the books how to eat to live you will become young again.
kashif irshad
Astagfir Allah
Malik R. Chappell
Peace To ALL Black People. Please put this on T.V. Around The World. Allah Hu Akbahr!🙂
Mosi KBA
Mosi KBA Acum an
Can a bi racial join the NOI??
King F
King F Acum an
Trafalgar Law
Abdul Basir Rahim yes
VaL Farrad Thor
The Real X-Men !!!
rob yohn
rob yohn Acum an
this organization is a terrorist organization. mind control.
e-boogie Acum 7 luni
Name something the NOI has terrorized ? They haven't caused harm to anyone..
namelessone Acum an
didn't muhammad ali leave the NOI?
Alonzo X
Alonzo X Acum an
lolitakelsey Acum an
ASA, Ramadan Mubarak! I and Student Minister Randy Muhammad REQUEST TO PLAY YOUR VIDEO ON THE REAL TALK SHOW TODAY “LIVE” IN BOSTON, MA. We air live this evening from 7-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="475">7:55</a>PM locally on COMCAST 23 RCN 83 and www.BNNTV.org We are registered at MUHAMMAD’S MOSQUE #11. Due to new fcc rules the community tv station is requiring all producers to get this permission to use your content. Please respond. Peace and blessings, Sis Lolita TheRealTalkShow@aol.com
Aliver Delgado -M.
How do I join??
Trafalgar Law
Aliver Delgado -M. Go to your local mosque you should be able to look it up online they usually have meetings on Sunday around 9:00am to 1:00pm
Donovan Wilson
True talk!!
TonyNewJersey1 Acum 2 ani
Wow, these fruitcakes look really fruity.
Craig Muhammad
Craig Muhammad Acum 3 luni
Watch your mouth
e-boogie Acum 7 luni
You appear to be a hater
l Beyda l
l Beyda l Acum 2 ani
I Love you my Sisters and Brothers !!!!! Big Respect from Turkey
Kenneth Thornhill
Bravo!! I Love my NATION!!!
John Jordan
John Jordan Acum 2 ani
God is not a man
John Jordan
John Jordan Acum 2 ani
i was there if your in the noI your walking in your sleep read the Noble Quran Allah did not add their lies read and wake up
Nothing Left
Nothing Left Acum 2 ani
I'm white. Can I join?
TheJamesearljr Acum 2 ani
What a joke.
jnefitema yep
jnefitema yep Acum 2 ani
This is exactly what out gov don't want
Sean M
Sean M Acum lună
fuck our gov
jnefitema yep
jnefitema yep Acum 2 ani
This vid can wake up brothas over night if it was advertised
D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper Acum 2 ani
foi is weak...they get their asses woop when ever
FIRE SIGN Acum 2 ani
Black Superman
Black Superman Acum 2 ani
ASA RESPECT Love and peace!
Kushy Acum 2 ani
Great commercial
John Jordan
John Jordan Acum 2 ani
FoI. God is not a white man or a part white man this is not true Islam. FoI will now be called to the world now call them the fakes - of - Islam
Mary Magdalene X
Mary Magdalene X Acum 2 ani
I ABSOLUTELY love this commercial!
WicKked WiazZard
WicKked WiazZard Acum 2 ani
I will lay down my life for the Nation and my people. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🙏🏾
Damion Scott
Damion Scott Acum 2 ani
I'm not Muslim but that commercial was beauty
stockton wood 209
can a white man join the f.o.i
Haywood2 Acum 2 ani
+camobando 1776 Nation joined church scientology so yeah.
Ou†sider ‡
Ou†sider ‡ Acum 2 ani
camobando 1776 Yes
BallingWisdom Acum 2 ani
camobando 1776 not at all
Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law Acum 2 ani
As of right now no
Rawfreedom Getinshape
The elijah would leave an earthly ministry The nation of islam of course!!
RalphMan Acum 2 ani
How do I join
Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law Acum 2 ani
Go to your local Nation of Islam mosque on Sunday around 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning listen to the lecture they give and at the end they usually ask for anyone who wants to join to raise their hands and if they don't just ask any one of the brothers there "how do I join the Nation of Islam?" hope this helps.
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