Brother Minister Nuri Muhammad Discusses FOI Swagger 

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Saviour's Day 2010 Jr. FOI Workshop: From Gangstas to Gods.
Bro Benyamin X asks a very timely question and Bro Nuri breaks down the
FOI swagger!

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ken abahbu hetep rayay
I know we go back before Islam n religion but I believe in organization which we need the paradigm shifting in the new cycle or here -After
Brian Leonard
Brian Leonard Acum 2 luni
S'il vous plaît, demandez à Jésus dans votre cœur et Il guérira votre cœur pour toujours. dieu321.blogspot.com
X Stonerlvfe X
X Stonerlvfe X Acum 2 luni
Nuri Muhammad makes me want to join the noi
Too Real
Too Real Acum 3 luni
I like his speechs... but us pirus here in cali, were tired of mistreatment by whites and were willing to smash on white people/ cops that use to try and mistreat us, we were the ones willing to kill white people/cops when they thought they was going to treat us anyway... black gangs are the black people military if they get awaken, no telling how far we can go when we have a clear mind on what's really going on and the slave circle we've been stuck in... no gangster is proud of what they've done, but they are proud of who they are and the reason why we joined because most of the time its because it's your family that's in it and you willing to kill or die for your brother/sisters in your area, our commitment is something nobody can even compare too, now if they can just wake up and put that commitment to our people in general, now that's a power no government or whites wanna see, that's real black power
Dave N
Dave N Acum an
Brother 🕌 ALLAH guards your Islam !!! Your honesty, strength, righteousness as a man creates its poise 💯
LEEK 1978
LEEK 1978 Acum an
Joshua Johnson
Muslim 7
Muslim 7 Acum an
Me personally I take pride in the way our Royal people dressed in the Ancient days instead of putting on a White mans suit, I like the fabric and garments are people wore then in the styles they wore them in with that unique difference in Royalty instead of just looking like someone who works downtown... It’s just my preference and even though I was raised in the Nation I still hold on to this connection
Jameel Isaac
Jameel Isaac Acum 7 luni
I think some of them create there own suits
OnyxGoddess x0
John Jordan
John Jordan Acum an
This guy has no wisdom its about humble.
Angelo Rosario
When the Sahabas, (The Prophet Muhammad's Companions pbuh) went amongst other people's and Nation's, they stood out and were admired by the people for their Character and their Manners! They didn't lie, cheat, steal, create or become involved with any of the foolishness and vice of the society! They were Real Men! Nobody messed with those Brothers! This is a major reason why Islam spread to the far reaches of the known World and is still spreading! As a Muslim,when you fear and Worship Allah alone, Allah takes that fear out of your heart and you fear no one else! You can then be what Allah (The One and only God), intended you to be! His Vicegerant! The representative of Allah on Earth, to bring his Will to this World for the benefit of Mankind! Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was also well groomed and took care of his hygiene! He was clean, inside and out! Btw, the bro, had a nice fitted suit on and wore it well. More power to you bro. As Salamu Alaikum! Jizak Allah Khair!
Dirty Astronaut
Dirty Astronaut Acum 2 ani
7 + 18 + 55 = 75%
BullDog III
BullDog III Acum 2 ani
I'm still in processing brother
nard mason
nard mason Acum an
Yassán PBTA. 💪💪
AHX Acum an
@nard mason Im preparing to write my letter
nard mason
nard mason Acum an
BullDog III I hope you still striving Soldier.
Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson Acum 4 ani
Couldn't have put it no better than brother nuri
Clifton Ellis
Clifton Ellis Acum 4 ani
Peace Bro. Nuri! This Brother is honest, True, and to the Point! God Bless you Brother!
Jack Brown
Jack Brown Acum 4 ani
ما شاء الله, احب نوري محمد. يحفظه الله. Keep it shining broh Nuri.
Elisha Blount
Elisha Blount Acum 6 ani
Islam is peace! So Islam+peace=love for yourself + your brother and sister! Now add dat up!
Leroy Whitaker
Leroy Whitaker Acum 6 ani
bro nuri told the truth
Original Nation
Original Nation Acum 6 ani
Is brother minister Nuri gonna take over when minister louis farrakhan dies??
ElevatedPyramid Acum 3 ani
Original Nation There is no death for the Minister he will out live most the population
Vince Elliott
Vince Elliott Acum 7 ani
I'm not a Muslims, but I have always been impress by these brothers. Keep up the good fight and keep it moving forward.
Maurence Gibson
Maurence Gibson Acum 7 ani
MrMansson10 Acum 8 ani
he aint never lie! It's definitely a noticeable, very, no, extremely noticeable "vibe", that's seen & felt in all the muslim brothers & sisters in the NOI & FOI.
Joseph Sanders
Joseph Sanders Acum 8 ani
My Bro. Benyamin!! I go to the Mosque with him very smart young brother.
Franck Toh
Franck Toh Acum 8 ani
REAL TALK! I remember a brother from the Pen talking to me about that...
findknowledge Acum 8 ani
yeah man... I understand the JUST of what he is sayin, and his Mathmatics is Islam. AND ISLAM IS MATHMATICS. He is a great speaker and a beautiful brother. THAT'S PEACE
Jihad Ali
Jihad Ali Acum 9 ani
@thomas242007 Well in the entire human family, EVERYBODY brains need to be washed. As well as our hearts and spirits. Which is why the Nation has been successful for 80 years, and will be successful for generations to come.
Some truth to this was in the car today with some bw and passed some young men passing out the final call and all you heard is "girl....them men cute and righteous mmmphh if I wasn't married"
Derrick Threex
Derrick Threex Acum 10 ani
@thomas242007 If all that White people have done didn't make Black people hate them there's nothing anyone can say to make Black people hate Whites. The sad one is you who think we teach hate. We simply tell the truth.
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